Loan Origination &
Document Procurement

Elaine is an evolving Fin Ops management discipline and Cultural Practice that enables organizations to Maximize their business value by enabling clients and loan staff to collaborate based on Data-Driven loan directions.

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Fully Integrated Sales Office Solution

Other Point of Sale systems aim to do a good job at providing a guided experience to clients, but they mostly fail in providing a guided experience for the loan team. Elaine creates an easy to follow workflow that aims to eliminate the chance of error, resulting in a more efficient loan team that reduces strain and overhead on the corporate underwriting teams.


An integrated advertising module, where ads can be uploaded, compliance checked, budgets set, and the leads simply come in. Leads can be distributed to your selected team for quick response times. It integrates with Calendly, Elaine AI robots, the customer app, and Loan Officer Interface (LOI).


A guided Point Of Sale application for consumers that can start from the LOI, a personal landing page, a joint page with a referral partner, via the advertising channels, data-mining your servicing portfolio, or reverse imported from your LOS system.


A blended communication experience where the AI works hand in hand with the loan officer through multi-channel outputs, like text, email, and WhatsApp. The AI does follow-up, answers basic questions, makes appointments, and all other communication is relayed to the loan team, through a single centralized chat window with functionality that is on par with apps like WhatsApp but optimised for closing loans in a protected, compliant environment.


Individualized documentation requirement lists are created and customized for each loan program factoring in the clients’ scenario. The procurement system eliminates discrepancies between observed data and the LOS system through bidirectional sync.


Elaine calculates loan proposals, using rate sheets and guidelines to suggest loan options that will work in the clients' situations. Loan proposals can easily be modified and sent to clients, with optional video and/or tracking.


API integrations stack includes: Encompass, Plaid, Finicity, Meridian Link, FNMA, Calendly, DocuSign, SignRequest, Smarty Streets, Estated, Meta add manager, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Google Dialogue Flow, Mandrill, Sendgrid, Twilio, Nexemo, Vonage, Melissadata, Uberwriter income calculators, Title Corp and many others.

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